Hoss Intropia….what’s not to love and now there is a sale on!

Info, shopping and image http://www.hossintropia.com/gb/en/catalogo/?ropa=1&temps=26


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On visiting the optician I was told that there were big changes and then the biggie…it’s age related.  Apparently very common in your mid 40’s…..I don’t want to be common.

So trying to look on the bright side and turn a negative on it’s head I instead think oooooh, a new accessory buying opportunity… and also decide maybe that’s why my new range of jewellery is taking so flippin damn long to finish as I can’t see the detail (oh, I love a good excuse)

So I journey into the world of glasses, to be told things like your face is long and your bridge is narrow but your nose is quite large…I know, I know – I knew it already and to be fair they didn’t go straight in for the kill but that is basically what it boiled down to, scrutiny of the visage…. the day just kept giving.

I survey the different shops, the budget and the boutique, so much to choose from, and as I recently discussed with a friend  those heavy framed large specs just don’t look good on me.  Anyway I tried to convince myself they did but it’s hardly a mini statement to make right on your face – so  I must venture forth alone and be grown up and choose something that suits the long face, narrow bridge and large nose. The good news is the choice is vast, the one niggle I really have is the designer name so prominent on so many…I just don’t get that – but it must just be me or maybe just design snobbery to be fair I wouldn’t mind if it said  Chanel but Gok Wan just doesn’t feel right, lovely as I’m sure he is!

I do a bit of research there are some seriously good designs out there and I find this beauty, Linda Rodin. flying the flag. Karen Walker and Cutler and Gross are just 2 designers topping the bill for me.

OK, so Linda Rodin can possibly rock any look…but these images are amazing (Images Style Eyeconhttp://sunchasers.sunglasscurator.com/) 

So as we all love a happy ending…..I  find a new independent on the block here in Brighton (I know this isn’t helpful for those elsewhere but a day trip can be nice) and I had a nice chat with the knowledgeable chap, we had a chin wag about the local community where his shop is located and how he wishes play a part in the growth of the area… as well obviously as providing good service and a great spec selection.

He knew his stuff pulling frames from the shelves that instantly made me feel good and we were in agreement the frame of the moment didn’t do me any favours….but delivered in a perfect gent kind of way. I have high hopes for this place, it is where my cash will go. Just when I thought he couldn’t impress me anymore when I took a look at the website they have a gallery of customers, real human beings looking splendid and happy in their specs….there is even a couple of not such youngsters in there – extra points.  The Specky Wren you make the Age Appropriate recommendation list…look here… http://www.thespeckywren.co.uk/gallery/


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Oh I know I promised to get on with it… and then life goes and gets in the way again, a new (yet another) new studio space one to share with a lovely bunch of talented jewellers, another new job (well 2 in fact since we last spoke) I’m not complaining, it has been a fine adventure but now I feel I can see a more settled time on the horizon and the new re-jig has factored in time for one of my loves in life this little here blog. So…here at Age Appropriate towers we are back in business.

So what have I got up my sleeve, well keeping you posted with what floats my boat in terms of style and fashion out there and what I particularly think translates to those with a few more miles on the clock. High end, high street, street style, designers, interviews and as ever aiming to assemble information that will inspire and celebrate with the added occasional wry smile on the way.

Anyway enough of that as the title of this piece says…when I grow up I want to wear Max Mara, I’ve yet to meet anyone who says they feel grown up, as my mum would say you never feel older – just a little more disappointed when you look in the mirror. My lovely mum was 84 this week and her style and attention to detail as she dresses is just as important to her now as it ever was….she would say this collection is ‘stunning’ and I’d have to agree.

So if my life demanded it and my purse would sustain it I buy myself one or two pieces… though might be a bit much for the school run.

This is top of my wish list

Image and further  info http://gb.maxmara.com/



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So I’ve been busy…show me someone of my age who isn’t

These are my reasons/excuses for the Age Appropriate silence

  1. An interesting part time that job that I allow to be all too consuming
  2. My wonderful family (can’t begrudge that… they are the centre of my universe)
  3. Training for a half marathon (I like a challenge..am wondering if this one is a step too far)
  4. Making my decision how best to use my ‘free’ time. I now have a studio space (thanks to my new job) and have returned to an old friend of a passion…making one off pieces of jewellery by hand.
  5. Making our house a home (there has been walls knocked down and while the scaffolding was up seemed crazy (if not a bit scary) not to paint it
  6. Life’s distractions (various)
  7. Dissecting the Age Appropriate idea and working out how to make it tick. It is interesting the things you discover once you set of down a path about the subject… and yourself

So yes all of these valid (in my eyes anyway) but not what I am really here for – Age Appropriate…observation and celebration of style and fashion whatever your age….I have digressed…. and now I shall focus.

I have shared before of my absolute admiration for the design company Modern Love http://www.modernlove.in/ but I think it is fair to say that that their latest collection lead by inspirational designer Sarah Arnett have blown my socks right off and it is time to share again.

Simply bloody genius and a collection relevant to any age….now that’s a clever trick. Pattern, clever cutting, colour and print executed to perfection.

Image Modern Love

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So I love an accessory, and I know I’m not alone, and it isn’t a well kept secret that I’m a bit of a scarf hound.

I have a decent collection ranging from high end designer creations (talented friends) through a myriad of charity shop and vintage finds to some of my most precious, the ones that were given as presents to me. The high street has a good handle on the desire we have for a good design that can be worn around ones neck but this story is about really special creations.

I prefer to set my scarf bar high and it is with interest I have seen the  British company Age of Reason flourish. Their work has all the right ingredients for conjuring up the perfect one. Talented designer Ali Mapletoft is at the helm of this companies success and it has an stockist  list to be proud of including Young British Designers and The Boutique Gallery at Jaeger.

Beautifully designed, high in originality, perfectly constructed in  the most luxurious of  fabrics with that added magic ingredient… of a healthy dollop of attitude. I was happy to read that Age of Reason say of their latest collection –  ‘This season we celebrate rebellion, tipping the balance between anarchy and order’….. And now I like them even more. A product is made magical for me when the story of  how, where and why the inspiration has originated and these scarfs are full of character and meaning.

I love the fact that their designs when twisted and draped could disguise the attitude or explicit design, on first glance they could seem demure yet un- ravel some of these beauties and they have a serious nasty nip.

I have shown just just the tip of the iceberg here, take a trip to their beautiful and bold website  http://www.age-of-reason-studios.com/

all images with kind permission of  Age of Reason

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Image Marks and Spencer

So M&S are the latest to diversify with their model choices, adding older, wiser and beautiful in a broader sense models, thank you to the high street giants for making content so easy at the moment. I am very happy if not a little surprised to see Tracey Emin in the mix,  I always imagine her in Westwood, well she wears it so well and I didn’t think M&S would quite be her bag… but then in the real world who doesn’t shop at this emporium of Britishness for something.

Photo by PA Photos

I have admired Tracey Emin for a long, long time, she is a headliner on the Age Appropriate wish list of people to feature. It is so much more than about her style,  it is about how she thinks and expresses herself. As with all the people  I have written about so far it comes down to what makes them tick, what inspires and drives them, the way they style themselves is just a product of creative minds, a further expression….the icing on the cake and my chosen focus, it doesn’t mean the deeper stuff isn’t noted.

So M&S and I are agreed on this, (not that I think they will be interested!) I like their train of thought and have celebrated so much more with their model selection, Katie Piper, Jasmine Whitbread, boss of Save the Children International and Helen Allen, nurse of the year 2011 feature among the other more recognisable beauties. They have of course brought in more big guns by commissioning photographer Annie Leibovitz, her strong recognisable style, strengthening the message of quality and style. M&S are most defiantly on serious maneuvers.

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There seems to be a little more than a  flurry in the celebration of style and fashion as demonstrated by the more mature wearer.  Maybe I have just had my senses heightened to it by this Age Appropriate project but I sincerely hope that it isn’t just a passing fad but rather the beginning of a wave of well deserved recognition.

So Channel 4 I await your latest creation Fabulous Fashionistas 10pm Tuesday 17th September

image Channel 4

‘This Cutting Edge documentary features uplifting, often poignant personal stories and insights into how staying young and dressing with style is about more than following the latest trends; it’s about an attitude to life itself.’

I shall be glued to my screen!

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 So this is where you might find me for the next couple of weeks and hence the lull for Age Appropriate. I know… lucky is the right word to insert here.

Anyway as (more) luck would have it TK Maxx have provided something that managed to drag me to the computer (thank you Ms Legard for the tip off). They have only gone and featured the stunningly beautiful Daphne Selfe in their latest ad (I have celebrated this gorgeous being here before), and of course she is the main attaraction to me. But I was also heartened to see that it seems to be a celebration and inclusion of diversity, not just a perfect size 8 model campaign.

It is indeed one successful mix up, almost like reality with added positivity and smatterings of glamour…. well it is an ad after all!

Thank you people of TK Maxx, here is what all the fuss is about.

Now where’s that Prosecco?


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